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Septic Tanks and Treatment Plants

We supply and install your complete drainage system, including all the groundworks.

We will carry out a site inspection to make sure you are getting the right Treatment Plant and system installed. Usually that would be a 'Vortex Eco' or a 'Tricel'.

These plants are very efficient, the best on the market, also cheaper to run and maintain than treatment plants that have moving parts.

We supply full drainage systems for properties and industrial complexes with a population ranging from 2 persons to 50 persons. So small or large we can do your complete installation. We also maintain treatment plants.

Call me, Martin, anytime. I can come and see you and go over your new drainage system requirements at a time that suits you. All Island Coverage!


Vortex Eco

The acclaimed VORTEX™ Eco sewage treatment plant is the most advanced system in the UK and uses the least electricity for the highest treatment standard.

The VORTEX can also be fitted free standing, either above or partially above ground. See the final pictures at the bottom of the page.

The Vortex effluent plant is supplied by DRAINS ISLE OF MAN . We supply  the Vortex Sewage Treatment Plant. Drains Isle of Man also provide one 'free' service for all clients who purchase and have their Treatment Plant installed by us.

You also have the extra assurance that you have a local company to contact at any time.

Vortex sewage treatment plant 6 person

Unique Features of the VORTEX™ Sewage Treatment System

  • Outstandingly clean effluent treatment - up to 98.9% pollutant reduction
  • The only electric plant that does not run all the time - 30 mins. on and 15 mins. off – averages from only 24 watts/hour.
  • Odourless - complete aerobic digestion throughout the sewage treatment plant.
  • Very small footprint enables installation where space is limited.
  • The VORTEX™ has a unique debris screen - tampons do not cause serious problems as with other similar sewage plants.
  • Unique SLUDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - enhances performance and reduces the servicing requirements and cost.
  • The VORTEX™ recycles its own waste products for re-digestion.
  • No Primary Settlement Tank - No Primary Tank Odour.
  • No need to buy a separate sampling chamber - there is a unique sampling point within the tank. This saves you another £300.
  • Simple and cheap to maintain.
  • Top Quality 'NITTO' linear piston compressor - these compressors are much more expensive than the cheaper diaphragm compressors used by other manufacturers, but they are almost silent, use very little electricity and CAN be repaired.
  • Very shallow installation models available.
  • 10 year tank warranty.
  • Can accept sewage pumped into it if required.
  • Versatile inlet depths - Vortex™ sewage treatment plants can be supplied from 150mm up to 900mm inlet invert levels.
  • EN 12566-3 2005 + the much more stringent A1 2009 Certification required for FRANCE.
  • Unbeatable ammonia reduction – incredibly averaging 0.4mg/L. Very important for sensitive watercourses.
  • Accepted by the Environment Agency for discharge to watercourses and ditches (subject to Permit)
  • Can be made as an Above Ground plant for very little extra cost

How the VORTEX™ works

The Vortex Treatment Process (Schematic Diagrams Only)

  1. Wastewater from the building enters to Vibro Screen (1). Here coarse air bubbles are used to physically break down solid matter and form a mixed liquor with the water.

  2. The mixed liquor flows into the Aeration Chamber (2). A bacterial culture is present in the Aeration Chamber which digests the pollutants in the wastewater. The bacterial culture must have a constant oxygen supply and this is provided by a fine bubble diffuser at the base of the tank.

  3. The mixed liquor then flows into the Clarification Chamber (3) where it is able to separate into clear, treated effluent and sludge. The clear effluent is able to flow past the scum baffle and out of the tank.


The Sludge Management System (SMS)

  1. In the Clarification Chamber sludge accumulates at the bottom (settled sludge) and top (floating sludge)of the tank (1).

  2. Air from the blower is spurred from the regulator (2) to two sludge return pipes.

  3. This creates a continuous vacuüm that sucks the sludge from the top and bottom of the Clarification Chamber back to the Aeration Chamber (3).

  4. Principles of the VORTEX™ treatment process

The Vortex™ has an advanced sludge management system not found in any other sewage treatment plant in the UK. See below.

The ONLY electrical component is a small, external linear motor compressor which operates ALL the process stages. There are no pumps, motors or any moving parts within the plant.

Incoming sewage is screened to prevent accidental non-degradable products entering the digestion chamber. The innovative Vibro-Screen™ allows organic sewage solids to enter the tank without problems. This is an advanced feature not found on other plants.

The screened sewage is aerated and a microbial 'soup' develops that digests the pollutants and organic matter in the sewage. These beneficial microbes are constantly topped up with the microbes that settle out at the bottom of the final settlement tank,as part of the sludge management system, ensuring a constant 'friendly bacteria' supply for the digestion process. There is no need to add extra bacteria at all, as is the case with some other plants.

Benefits of the Unique Sludge Management System

When the treated sewage enters the final settlement chamber, activated sludge bacteria settle out at the bottom. These beneficial live microbes are constantly returned to the digestion chamber to mix with the raw sewage and boost the performance of the treatment system.

The bacterial scum or crust that forms on the top of the effluent in the clarification chamber is also continually returned through a pipe to the digestion chamber. This is a superb innovation unique to the Vortex™. Other activated sludge plants need the removal of this sludge crust and its return to the biozone, by hand, at regular intervals. Click on the video below to see the VORTEX™ sludge management system in action. There are no more pumps involved – it is activated by the same small blower that aerates the plant. This saves a lot of unpleasant work for both the owner and the service engineer, resulting in lower cost servicing bills.


The VORTEX™ is an Activated Sludge Process system with fail-safe and sludge management features not found in any UK manufactured sewage treatment systems.

Superb Effluent Quality

This is the average attained during its EN 12566-3 2005 Test

BOD (mg/L) Suspended Solids (mg/L) Ammonia (NH3) (mg/L)
8.5 15.2 0.4

Well below the Environment Agency Requirement of: 

BOD (mg/L) Suspended Solids (mg/L) Ammonia (NH3) (mg/L)
20 30 20

The above unbeatable figures enable the VORTEX™ to be installed in very sensitive areas where no other treatment system in the UK would be acceptable to the Environment Agency or SEPA.

Activated Sludge Plants (ASP's) are known to suffer when under loaded. They are either blowing the maximum amount of air, when 'on' or none when 'off'. However, the VORTEX™ sewage treatment plant has a unique air regulation valve which, by turning down the air supply valve, reduces the air supply to the diffuser. This allows the treatment plant to be 'turned down' to suit lower populations. Below are the EN 12566-3 Test Results for normal 100% flow rate and under loading at 50%.of the flow rate.