Klargester BioDisc Essential Maintenance

Drains Isle of Man carry out maintenance to Klargester BioDiscs on an annual basis. This keeps the plant in good condition and also if there are any problems then they can be dealt with as they arise.

BioDiscs that aren't serviced regularly do suffer from costly problems which might take much longer to arise for a plant that has regular maintenance.

I have been called out to fix BioDiscs only because when the Government tanker comes to empty it, the operator will sometimes spot problems such as loss of rotation of the RBC ( Rotating Biological Contactor ), they sometimes tell the client if present or write a note on the ticket. Loss of rotation can occur if the belt is loose and worn or the belt has broken. Other indicators are the top drive pulley has come of and dropped into the tank.

There are some common problems.

  • Belt wear or broken belt.
  • Top drive pulley has come loose and fallen into tank.
  • Bearing wear on either end of the RBC shaft.
  • Lower pulley has corroded and has to be cut off with a disc cutter.
  • Bucket/s do not discharge from Biozone 1 to Biozone 2.
  • Cup missing from bucket.
  • Soakaway or drainage field is not working correctly causing the plant to overflow. (more common in tanks installed below ground level)

These are a few things that can go wrong but can be fixed.

Annual maintenance reduces the amount of problems that can arise all at once which does happen to plants that aren't serviced.

During a service if we identify any problems they are reported to the client. Call any time for a quote or advice