Home Buyers Drain Survey

How you can benefit from an Isle of Man Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey

People buying a new home might well assume that when they use a surveyor , or their bank instructs them to have a surveyor carry out a home buyer or buildings survey to check the condition of the property , they often assume that this will also cover the drains.

However this is rarely the case. The surveyor might lift the drain covers, in allot of cases a surveyor will not even do this.

Even if inspecting the manholes,  a surveyor still cannot be certain of any defects, damage or potential problems within the drainage system itself.

   Drains Isle of Man have the specialist CCTV drain survey equipment to carry out a Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey of the drains and provide this evidence on DVD with a written report of the condition of the drains. Also with recommendations if any problems are found.

We also provide estimates for work, this can be a significant benefit to the buyer because if there are problems its to late after the property has been purchased. These recommendations and estimates can be used to either insist the work is done before buying or to negotiate on the property asking price to cover the repairs.

Many of our clients who have taken advantage of this service have saved allot of money if the drains have problems. One client saved £5000.00. This was the amount it cost to fix the drains.

This saving was made only because we carried out a CCTV Drain Survey before the client purchased the property.

This service is also better for the current property owner. The owner is more likely to be able to make a 'Drain Claim'. Most good building insurance policies cover the drainage system of the property for accidental damage, therefore it is more likely the owner can repair the drains, if a problem or damage is found, on their insurance cover.

This is more difficult for a home buyer who has recently bought a property without having a CCTV drain survey carried out as their insurance policy will be new to the property.

If we find during the survey there is accidental damage to the drains, then the property owner might well be able to make a claim.

Some of the most common accidental problems that cause damage to drains are : Root infestation, Fractures or complete breaks and also ground movement are among some of the problems we see all the time.

Also when you purchase your new property ensure your buildings insurance covers the drains. More insurance companies now charge an extra fee to include your drains, so prevent your 'drain from becoming a pain' and have a survey and then get a good insurance policy.

Call Drains Isle of Man any time for a Home buyers cctv drain survey.

We can provide a comprehensive report along with a CCTV drain survey on DVD including any defects or faults that may be present, plus an estimate for remedial or repair works required that could prove to be costly after purchasing the property.