Excavation, Soakaways & Septic Tank Drainage

Drains Isle of Man offers a comprehensive repair and renovation service for drainage systems. That are beyond repair, need altering or extending, or the installation of new Lines

We also provide new drainage for septic tanks and effluent plants.

In allot of cases a septic tank or sewage effluent plant aren't necessarily broken or damaged. Quite often the drainage from the tank is the problem this will cause the septic or effluent tank to overfill, generally a new drainage system and Soakaway is required.

The gallery shows part of a very large project which I carried out all of the work for at Large Country Residence in Sulby.

The project took over 8 months to complete and at times I had 8 to 10 men working for me on the project.

I undertook all of the work and overseen and designed all aspects including the diversion of a stream to carryout deepening of the stream to stop it silting up from the stones constantly being brought down from the hills during flooding, easily the largest drainage work I have done as new stone walls were constructed, they were for aesthetic purposes but also had to retain the banks and create the new stream.

There was also the construction of a new toilet block and a double garage/workshop for which I excavated a large section of the bank and then after construction I backfilled and actually buried a large part of the external structure.

There are also pictures form BrightLife in Andreas of a new slotted drainage system with a soak away at the end of the drain which has 25 ton of stone in it as it serves up to 20 people at any given time.

There are also some drainage pictures from various jobs.

Call about any drainage aspect.