Drain Jetting

6 Key Benefits of  Drain Jetting your Sewer Lines and Drains

  • Cleaning, not just unclogging
  • Accurate, consistent & controlled 
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Removing bacteria
  • More economical 
  • Environmentally safe & eco-friendly

High Pressure Water Drain Jetting can negotiate bends, travel further down the pipe, and exert more force where needed to clear out any blockages.

While drain rods are great for clearing blockages, they can't always reach the problem.

Drains IOM is an independent local company specialising in drain clearance & repairs, owned & operated by myself, Martin Callow. With over 20 years experience in the drain & sewer trade I provide a professional, friendly service with the personal touch.

My aim is to leave customers more than happy with the services provided, as your recommendations are my future business. All Island Coverage!

It is very important to use the correct water pressures on different drain materials as to much pressure can do more damage than good when removing a blockage and not enough pressure combined with a low delivery of water can cause the drain to remain blocked.

If you employ the services of a company which does not have superior equipment such as my Highly efficient van pack with a pump driven by a 2200cc diesel engine you could easily end up paying for an excavation simply because older inferior equipment cannot remove stubborn or large blockages.

I have a 100% record to date for blockage removal where the drain has not totally collapsed or suffers serious root infestation.

Our services are environmentally friendly and we use no chemicals ..... JUST WATER!

Efficient drainage is never a problem until it stops working. All drainage systems need cleaning at some point in time. Scale, silt, fat,grease and even tree or plant roots inevitably accumulate, reducing capacity and flow, and can even cause a total blockage.

Blockages in drains, sewers and stack pipes can be cleaned using this highly effective technique. Powerful jets of water developing pressures of up to 3600 psi strip deposits from pipe walls, flush out debris and restore free-flowing conditions.

High pressure water jetting can also be used to ensure that process pipe work is clean and clear of obstructions. Naturally, when scale and residue build up, manufacturing efficiency declines. Using specialist equipment, pressures of up to 3600 psi are used to cut through blockages and remove seemingly solid deposits from pipe walls

Our van is fully equipped with a van pack high pressure water jetting unit, colour CCTV Camera Survey Unit, as well as all other tools necessary to clear blockages to any foul or surface water drain.

All work is carried out in a professional, efficient manner so that no time is wasted on site.

With high pressure and water, there is no more effective or environmentally friendly way to dispose of dirt. Our van mounted high pressure water jetting units offer cleaning at up to pressures of 3600psi, guaranteeing optimum cleaning of drains and sewers.

Jet nozzles ensure that the hose is pulled through the full length of the drain/sewer and that the inside of the drain is fully cleaned and every obstruction cleared if the drain has not collapsed.